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Secret AdsenseTreasure Formulas

To sign up and place your classified ad in the #1 spot for FREE, please click through each classified ad and retrieve the Affiliate Code that will appear. Then, paste the Affiliate Code into the respective form on the left of the ad. Click here for instructions. Click here to learn how this system works or here to find out how you can get one billion visitors to promote your website.

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Just think! Your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” that you are about to set up will get you up to 1,000,000,000 or more guaranteed real live visitors who will actually VIEW your offer. You must certainly see how your MLM advertising network will begin to expand very, very rapidly by using the Secret MLM Traffic Formula as we have outlined it in this shocking report. Now, follow the simple instructions below to get started right away!

STEP #1: Visit each website featured below and retrieve the Affiliate Code.

To start the ball rolling, click on each of the classified ads which are featured above. Be sure that you read the offer that is presented in each website, as that is the whole point of this system. After all, it’s just ten (10) websites altogether and you will only have to do this once. Besides, you are going to want your visitors to sincerely view your offer.

While you are viewing each offer, the Affiliate Code will appear in a box at the upper left hand corner of your browser window. After you finish reading the offer, simply copy the Affiliate Code and paste it into the text box beside the corresponding ad. Do the same for the sponsor ad (Ad #0.).

STEP #2: Register below.

Now, just fill in the easy “Secret MLM Traffic Formula” Registration Form below. Your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” member login details will be immediately emailed to you. You’ll then be able to log into your account anytime to change your classified ad, change your primary website URL, check your downline referral stats and use our promotional tools.

“Secret MLM Traffic Formula” Registration Form

Sponsor:      0
Your IP address:
First Name:     
Email Address:     
Confirm E-mail address:     
Your Classified Ad:     
Your URL:     

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

You’ve Finally Found It!

The Solution to Your Traffic Problem!

What if you could offer people a brand new way to promote their own website, or build their MLM program, that would require them to actually view your offer? And, what if they were also required to advertise your offer right along side their own? And, what if this remarkable software utilized a secret formula that would generate massive traffic to literally any website, affiliate link or MLM program of your choice? And, further, what if this marketing system was not only irresistible to your visitors but also absolutely FREE to join?

Well, there is just such a system and it’s the hottest thing going! It’s called the Secret MLM Traffic Formula and the Secret MLM Traffic Formula truly will create for you a perpetual “Network Marketing Machine”. Thanks to our perpetual “Network Marketing Machine”, now you can have it all and get the traffic you need to your website, affiliate link or MLM program. It’s the ultimate solution to website traffic and how to market any MLM program.

The challenge of network marketing.

We all want to increase our website traffic. But, it seems a never ending task. No matter how you go about the job of promoting your website, when the promotion is over, the traffic comes to a screeching halt and you have to start all over again.

Or, maybe you’ve stumbled onto a method that draws a fairly steady flow of traffic to your website but you just don’t think you’re getting enough traffic for the effort. You want to get more people to visit your website.

Does this sound familiar?

Suppose, for example, that you have an MLM opportunity to offer and you use safe lists to get the word out. Well, that’s good. But, the problem with this approach to network marketing is that everybody else who joined the safe list has the same idea. They’re all trying to get you to join their MLM program.

Generally speaking, members of safe lists are not interested in your offer or anyone else’s. They’re trying to get you interested in their offer – just like you’re trying to get them to join your program. And, it’s not just MLM business opportunities. The challenge of getting more traffic arises no matter what product or service you are offerng.

I’ve thought about this and then thought about it some more. I’ve studied literally hundreds of offers down through the years and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. There’s a lot of competition out there. Everyone has something to offer you and they all think their offer is better than yours.

What about traffic exchanges?

As an alternative, perhaps you use traffic exchanges to get your website traffic. That might be okay, except that you have to sit and view website after website after website in order to accumulate any significant amount of points to generate the traffic you want for your own website or MLM program. So, traffic exchanges don’t offer a really practical answer for your network marketing.

And, the traffic exchanges which allow automatic viewing present another problem. You can set the viewer up to go on autopilot, and leave it going 24/7, and even do this on several computers all at once. You can even set up a rotator to get massive traffic from numerous traffic exchanges. You can figure out all sorts of ways to generate lots of points with the traffic exchanges BUT ... the problem is that everyone else is doing the very same thing. So, the truth is that lots of traffic is being generated but nobody is actually seeing anyone’s website or MLM program.

Here’s the bottom line.

It all boils down to this: No matter how you promote your webiste, you’re probably not getting the results you expect. So, what do you do? Maybe you jump from safe list to safe list hoping to find just the “perfect” safe list that will finally give you the success you crave so dearly. You can even join an MLM safe list, hoping that will improve your results. Or, you can try all the different traffic exchanges with essentially the same idea in mind.

On the other hand, maybe you jump from one MLM or network marketing program to another because you don’t get the results you expect. Then, when the next one doesn’t perform to your expectations, you join yet another, and so forth. But, no matter what you do, success just always seems to evade you.

Is there a solution to all this madness?... Is there a better way to get your website traffic or promote your MLM program?... Yes! So, stay tuned because there most certainly is an answer to the challenge of network marketing and you’re about to discover it! In most cases, the solution is not in finding the “right” MLM program, joining the “perfect” safe list or using the best traffic exchange. You’re about to discover how you really can find true success on the Internet.

MLM – the ultimate traffic solution!

Most people don’t join a safe list in order to get bombarded with everyone else’s offers. They want to tell you about their offer or MLM program. They probably just delete your offer as soon as it hits their inbox. That’s what I do with most offers I receive. I know where the delete button is real good.

But, there’s one kind of offer I usually don’t delete and, chances are, you don’t either. After years of research into this problem, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s really only one type of program out there that’s always popular and flourishing. It’ll always get your attention because, no matter what your offer is, you’re definitely going to need their offer.

And what if this mysterious program that everyone needs so desperately? It’s any product, service or marketing system that will help you promote your website and get more traffic. That is the type of program that always seems to really succeed.

So, what should you do? Give up on your offer and start promoting traffic building tools? Well, what if you didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other? What if you could combine the two in one fabulous, all-encompassing website traffic and success magnet?

Promote your website by helping other people promote theirs!

The Secret MLM Traffic Formula is networking at its finest! You’ll be able to offer people a unique traffic system to promote their website. What’s more is that this Formula will also do three (3) things for you.

First, it will require people to visit your website and actually view your offer. Second, it will require all of these people to advertise your website or affiliate program. And, third, it has the potential to get literally millions of visitors to your website who will have to actually sit there in front of their computers and look at your offer before they can post their own FREE classified ad!

But, here’s the really exciting thing! There are only ten (10) classified ads altogether – you just have to view ten (10) websites to earn the opportunity for MASSIVE FREE TRAFFIC to your own website. Nobody will have to weed through hundreds of classified ads to find yours, like with other FREE classified websites.

Also, you won’t have to sit in front of your computer hour after hour, day after day, staring at hundreds of offers you’re not interested in, like with the traffic exchanges. And, your email inbox will never be flooded with offers from all those people who think their offer is “better” than yours!

It’s just like having your own perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” because people have to view your offer, and show your website to their prospects, in order to advertise their own website! This process can literally provide an unending stream of traffic to your website. It’s the easiest network marketing you’ll ever do! It’s MLM at its best!

How does the Secret MLM Traffic Formula work?

It’s really quite simple. At the top of this page, you may have noticed classified ads featured by nine (9) of our advertisers. There is also a classified ad posted by one of our sponsors (Ad #0.).

When you sign up for the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, you will also become an advertiser and receive a website just like this one, except that your classified ad will appear in the first advertiser position! The classified ad that was in the #1 position will rotate to the 2nd position, the #2 ad to the 3rd position, and so on. The last classified ad will rotate off the page.

When someone signs up from your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” affiliate website, their classified ad will be placed in the #1 position on their own affiliate website, with your ad moving to the 2nd spot, the #2 ad moving down to the 3rd spot, etc. By the time your classified ad reaches the #9 position, you will have noticed an enormous increase in traffic to YOUR primary website, affiliate link or MLM program!

How do you get guaranteed visitors who will view your offer?

When your prospect signs up for the Secret MLM Traffic Formula from your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” affiliate website, they will have to actually click on your classified ad which will open a new window and display your offer. They will then have to wait a short time for a unique code to appear in their browser window. This is the Affiliate Code.

While they’re waiting for the Affiliate Code, your offer will be in front of them. This provides your visitors the opportunity to read your website content! Then, after they obtain the special Affiliate Code, they will have to click on the next ad, etc. They will have to view all ten (10) of the featured offers in order to retrieve the Affiliate Code for each one. This is how you will network using the Secret MLM Traffic Formula!

With the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, you will receive FREE Visitors to whatever website or MLM program that you advertise, throughout all nine (9) levels of our revolutionary network MLM marketing system. In other words, instead of charging a fee for posting your classified ads, we simply ask our visitors to view your offer before they can place their own classified ad on our revolutionary network MLM marketing system!!! Most people feel that five minutes of their time spent viewing a few offers is a very small price to pay for a permanent classified ad!

How to get ONE BILLION visitors to promote your website!

I have great news for you. You can easily get one million, or even a billion, visitors to promote your website. But first, let’s take a short quiz. Just one question: If you double a penny every day for a month, what do you get?

Answer now:   $1,000    $100,000    $10,000,000

The correct answer is: Over 10 million dollars! That’s the power of exponential growth, and the Internet is the one medium that can harness that power ... for FREE!

The Secret MLM Traffic Formula fully exploits this phenomenon to help generate MASSIVE VISITOR TRAFFIC for your website, affiliate link or MLM program!

When you place your classified ad on our gigantic advertising network, it will never expire. You will not have to keep posting it and then re-posting it repeatedly like with other advertising websites. And, there is never a fee for posting your ad. All we ask is that you click through ten (10) ad links and visit the websites being promoted. This will then give you the opportunity to place your own ad and potentially get millions or even BILLIONS of real live visitors to view your website or offer.

As as example, suppose that you refer only ten (10) people to the Secret MLM Traffic Formula. You could then quickly get over ONE BILLION actual visitors to view your offer, if your sponsored network marketers also refer just ten (10) people each. The chart below illustrates how this can easily happen.

  10 people join under you 1 x 10 Your website gets 10 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 10 x 10 Your website gets 100 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 100 x 10 Your website gets 1,000 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 1,000 x 10 Your website gets 10,000 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 10,000 x 10 Your website gets 100,000 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 100,000 x 10 Your website gets 1,000,000 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 1,000,000 x 10 Your website gets 10,000,000 visitors  
  10 people join under each of them 10,000,000 x 10 Your website gets 100,000,000 visitors  

Grand Total: 10 + 100 + 1,000 + 10,000 + 100,000 + 1,000,000 + 10,000,000 + 100,000,000 =


But, here’s the really exciting part:

  10 people join under each of them 100,000,000 x 10 Your website gets 1,000,000,000 visitors  

Note: This illustration is based on the assumption that you and your downline will refer ten (10) people each. The actual numbers of visitors you will receive could be more or less depending upon the efforts of both you and your downline.

But, chances are, you won’t get just ten (10) people to join the Secret MLM Traffic Formula. With very little effort, you’ll find ten (10) people in a month, or perhaps in only a week, who want to join an explosive MLM traffic system like this one. Just imagine what could happen if you and everyone in your downline referred ten (10) people every month! What a novel marketing concept!

It’s “Advertising-Gone-MLM”!!!

We’ve captured the multiplication potential of MLM and we apply that concept to network marketing. When you use the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, you’ll access the power of leverage. This means that your promotions will have a much more lasting effect than they do now. It’s like network marketing just went bananas! Classified advertising has gone berzerk!

Instead of your traffic “fizzling out” soon after a promotion is over, you’ll have precisely the opposite happen! Your results will multiply exponentially in a very short time. And, just think, now you’ll be able to email all those safe lists and actually offer them a Secret MLM Traffic Formula that they’ll truly be interested in – and even more so if you use an MLM safe list!

When you use the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, you’ll have the exponential power of MLM to multiply the results of your website promotions or network marketing. Simply advertise this network MLM marketing system in whatever way you would normally promote your main offer.

BUT, WAIT! Don’t send your prospects to your primary website, affiliate link or MLM program. Instead, tell them how they can get more exposure for their offer and refer them to this system. Here, they won’t just see your ad. They’ll have to view your website before they can promote their own offer!

It’s mutually beneficial for you and for them!

It’s a well known principle of success that, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll automatically get what you want! And, the Secret MLM Traffic Formula is the perfect way to do exactly that! No more hounding people to join your MLM program! Just have fun and help them! Show them how to more effectively market their own program with this MLM traffic system!

We know that nearly everyone is interested in a network marketing system like the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, which will allow them to set up their own personal perpetual “Network Marketing Machine”. When they see how this MLM traffic system can help them accomplish their goals, they’ll naturally want to sign up. The exciting thing is that, in order to sign up, they have to view your offer.

We also know that they might already be involved in a business opportunity very similar to yours. So, they may be an excellent prospect for your offer.

But, here’s the really exciting part: Whether or not they join your business opportunity, or purchase your product or service, they’re going to want to promote the Secret MLM Traffic Formula so they can get one billion or more visitors to see their own offer. When they do that, they’ll be promoting your offer, too!

Before you know it, due to the multiplication effect of the MLM factor, each person that you refer to this system could generate up to 100,000,000 or more actual page views to your offer. Refer ten (10) and you can potentially get up to ONE BILLION visitors reading your website!

It’s better than MLM!

As shown in the above example, the concept of MLM is marvelous! However, when you promote an MLM business opportunity, you’re continually trying to get people to join your program. That’s okay but, as we’ve already learned, your prospects probably think they already have a “better” offer for you. This creates the potential for “competition” when you promote your offer to them.

But, with the Secret MLM Traffic Formula, you don’t make your first contact with your prospect under circumstances which may create this potential for a competitive attitude. Your initial contact is to offer them a way to improve the results of the program they already believe in. They won’t put up that proverbial “brick wall” when you tell them about the Secret MLM Traffic Formula.

Then, when they decide to participate, they will view your offer in a “no pressure” environment. At that time, they won’t put up the sales resistance they otherwise would because you’re not officially trying to “prospect” them. They just might see the appeal in your offer! This is honest-to-goodness for-real “no pressure” network MLM marketing!

Plus, just think, you will never again have to worry about whether your promotions target the right prospects who will be interested in your offer. Even if the prospect you refer isn’t interested in what you’re offering, it might be exactly what their prospects are looking for! Just refer people to the Secret MLM Traffic Formula and the right prospects for your offer will show up!

Harness the power of the Internet and explode YOUR website traffic!

This network MLM marketing traffic system works amazingly well on the Internet. There is nothing to slow it down. You can get set up with your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” MLM affiliate website right NOW, within the next few minutes, and have a number of sign-ups within a few days or even a few hours! Because most people want this kind of a service, and it’s so easy to join and, best of all, it’s FREE, you could literally get many thousands of visitors to promote your website in just a very short time!

This MLM traffic system works extremely well so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic to your affiliate website or whatever website you choose to advertise! Why, you could even sign up several times if you want to advertise more than one website. You can actually market as many websites as you wish through this system!

Remember, this network MLM marketing program doesn’t just give you ad exposures. It generates GUARANTEED VISITORS to the website, affiliate link or MLM program of your choice, because participants have to view your offer in order to place their own classified ad. And, that translates into a GUARANTEED VOLCANIC TRAFFIC EXPLOSION OF VISITORS WHO WILL VIEW YOUR OFFER!!


We provide FREE Promotional Tools to help you promote the Secret MLM Traffic Formula and get your perpetual “Network Marketing Machine” initially rolling! And, once it’s rolling, there just may be no way on earth to stop it! It’ll generate perpetual, unending traffic for your primary webwebsite, affiliate link or MLM program!

Are you ready to start receiving your FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC?

You can increase your website traffic to get up to 1,000,000,000 VISITORS, by referring only ten (10) people to this FREE network MLM marketing service, who also each refer only ten (10), etc. It only takes three (3) easy steps to accomlish this.

1. Visit each of the nine (9) advertiser websites featured above, plus the sponsor’s website (Ad #0.), for just 30 seconds each. Wait for the unique Affiliate Code to appear in the upper left hand corner of your browser window and then copy and paste the Affiliate Code into the text box which appears to the left of the corresponding classified ad.

2. Fill in the sign up form at the bottom of this page including your FREE classified ad, read the Terms of Service, and click on “Join the Perpetual ‘Network Marketing Machine’ Now!”. You will then receive a FREE MLM affiliate network marketing website exactly like this one. The only difference will be that your classified ad will be in position #1. You will be instantly sent an e-mail with your login details.

3. Then, just promote your unique FREE MLM affiliate network marketing website URL that you will be provided in the member’s area. This will get your initial prospects to view your offer that is advertised in the #1 position and start driving massive traffic to view your primary offer.

People signing up from your URL will now be promoting your primary website, affiliate link or MLM program for you in the #2 position. People joining on the next level will advertise your webwebsite for you in the #3 position. And, this will continue through all nine (9) levels of this network MLM marketing system.

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